FLYERS | 3.5" x 8.5"
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Great for distribution or as in-store takeaway for customers.

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Printing options

The size of the finished print product.

Quantity based from a single artwork file. If you are submitting from multiple files you will need to select number of versions.


Color Combinations

Front Back
1/0 (B&W/Single-Sided)
Printing color is grayscale on one side.
1-color Not printed
1/1 (B&W/Double-Sided)
Printing color is grayscale on both sides.
1-color 1-color
4/0 (Full Color/Single-Sided)
CMYK full color on one side.
4-color Not printed
4/1 (Full Color front, B&W back/Double-Sided)
CMYK full color process on one side, grayscale on the other.
4-color 1-color
4/4 (Full Color/Double-Sided)
CMYK full color process on both sides.
4-color 4-color

Finishing Options

A proof is a verification tool to ensure that the project is accurate. It is used to review colors, fonts and image quality. It is the sole responsibility of each customer to review the project for any inaccuracies.

$ (excluding tax and shipping)